“The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why.”

This is the main product homepage for “The Unstoppable Power of a Compelling Reason Why” product. My name is Dave Schlueter and I would like to welcome you to this grand adventure.

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My Vision for you…

I desire a life of abundance for you one of joy and of purpose. I don’t want people to suffer and I don’t want to see people waste a life being less than they can be and never finding their purpose, passion, fire and direction in life.

I want to share a path and a way for people to prosper and have joy, time, abundance, and great fullness in their lives.

I would like to afford people the opportunity to achieve these real treasures in life...

Time and abundance for their families, time and abundance for their interests, time and abundance to share with others, time for spiritual things, and for freedom, creativity, and for the abundance to develop their unique purpose, and given talents in life.

When people are desperate, struggling, or hopeless, trapped in mediocrity, or spending all their resources working just to survive, there is rarely ever freedom for the greatest pursuits in life. Rare it is when time and energy, let alone money, can be spared for the greater development and pursuit of life.

Many call it (this condition) the “Real World.” I call it a real waste of a life…

Under such circumstances the soul begins to accept second best as something of a necessity. Do you know what I mean?

This is one reason I feel financial abundance must become a part of your destiny, at least to some degree.

This battle to live a meaningful, beautiful, creative and abundant life truly and ultimately begins within you. You will never manifest lasting wealth and abundance without this clear headed intent and purpose driven ambition.

Unfortunately most of the world pursues this aim in a backwards fashion. They seek first to manifest outer world results in the hope that it will eventually fulfill them inwardly. It’s ass backwards.

I personally have experienced, witnessed, touched, and seen great struggles, stress, poverty, and desperation in my own life, and for similar reasons. I too often hear this to be the case in the lives of others as well.

Personally I felt robbed of all I could be, of all I could give, and of all I knew I could become in life. I felt my true potential was starving, famished, and withering within me! I was desperate, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

I wish the pain I felt upon no one, and yet I know that too many good people are suffering right now, just as I was then. That’s why I had to do something about it. That’s why I had to create a system, using the exact same principles and discoveries that have been the salvation for me, and for countless others.

I am compelled inwardly to share truths that have set people free, truths that have produced incredible wealth, abundance, success, and joy in people’s lives...

People just like you! People just like me.

Just imagine for a moment what your life could be like. Imagine what we as a people, and as a Nation could become, if we were to begin developing our entire given true potential.

How big can you dream?

How large are you able to believe?

What if we were free to manifest the unique genius inside each one of us, to indulge the visions of our innermost selves, and to shine forth brightly with the true radiance of who we are?

I want to provide people an opportunity to achieve this, and to share their greatness for the benefit, and joy of all.

I believe that success and wealth is a necessary part of that reality.

I feel that good and decent people should prosper. That we should if worthy, lead and help others, and that we should be an example for the World.

I feel that when appropriate, we should put forth the hand of allegiance, and with our knowledge, resources, and understanding help to uplift others.

Enlightened people do just these sorts of things. They give at least 10% of all they earn or have to support good and charitable causes.

These enlightened millionaires and billionaires understand the power and necessity of this important wealth and success principle. They wouldn’t be truly successful without this knowledge.

Enlightened beings also tithe in other lesser known ways. They donate ideas, time, knowledge, support, expertise, and feedback, through mentoring relationships, and other charitable work. This power to bring good into the World and to bring about positive change is in direct proportion to the success and wealth they have achieved.

Wealth is potential power.

  • So what is it that you are destined to do?
  • Have you ever pondered this in a pure enlightened way?
  • If you knew you couldn’t possibly fail, what would you do with your life?

If you were led and compelled in the depths of your spirit, what would you create? How would you be willing to contribute or give back? What would be the mark you would leave on your world? How might you give to life, and how would that make you feel about yourself?

This vision is my life’s purpose, and I hope it may become a part of yours also. Should you choose to embark on this life changing journey, there is really no telling what limits if any that you may find.

You have a special mission, and talents, that the world needs and is waiting for. There is no one like you, nor will there ever be again. You are a necessary, needed, and integral part of the whole, and the World awaits you to shine forth with your unique talents and genius.

Some of you know this strongly already. Others may possess only a slight feeling, intuition, or knowing, but it is there inside each one of you. It’s just waiting to be expressed. It’s just waiting to manifest and break forth.

This program and more specifically "The Secrets of the Success Equation Program" teaches you to remove the obstacles, and embrace the tools for that fulfillment. It awaits you to live the life you were meant to discover and live, whatever that might be.

You are an awesome creation, and within you lay the seeds of your own unique greatness.

Fulfill your purpose and make your hearts intentions a reality. There is a path, and a way, provided for your greatness but you must use it.

No one else can walk this path for you. These success systems show you the way, but only you can begin this journey by uncovering your Compelling Reason Why.

If you have a dream, a desire, or a knowing within you, don’t let it die like so many others have. You know the ones I’m talking about… the living dead. Those unfulfilled and bitter souls you see every day, telling you that “you can’t”, that “real life doesn’t work that way”, that “you’re just a dreamer”, or “you’d just better forget about all that nonsense”. Let me tell you something… Dreamers with the right tools, knowledge, intentions, and power become manifesters in this world.

How fulfilled, happy, abundant, healthy, and filled with joy are these people who attempt to silence our dreams? Think about that for a minute. Do you want to end up like them?

I guarantee if you will make a commitment to yourself to do your best, we’ll give you our best by sharing what we have learned. So what have you got to lose?

More importantly the real question is… what you might gain if you apply yourself accordingly to the task.

This is a system of simple timeless truths and strategies based on principles that have been demonstrated to work.

My vision for you is that you will grab on to these principles with both hands and vigorously pursue the outlined program of action, and bringing your life and your world into a greater abundance of wealth and joy, that you will share that abundance enthusiastically with the World.

It all begins with discovering your Compelling Reason Why.

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